About Us

Leadership and Change Consultant’s mission is ‘making a difference’ by value adding to organisations, businesses and individuals. We are a Tasmanian based business established in 2011, and specialing in Leadership and Coaching, Change Management, Facilitation, Organisational & Team Development, Business Planning & Efficiencies, Conflict Management and Governance Effectiveness.

We provide a suite of interventions which can be specifically tailored to a single issue or designed to utilise a number of comprehensive strategies for systemic change.

Contact us for assistance with your growth and development needs or for support with the challenges and issues you or your business may be facing.


We bring experience, knowledge and skill of leadership and management, coaching of executives, management and staff. Strategic and business planning, change management, measurement and evaluation are strengths as is the facilitation of forums, groups or conferences.

We have experience of working in the Government, Non‐Government and private sectors, covering areas such as governance, industrial relations and human resources, policy development, housing, disability and mental health, community development, drug and alcohol and workplace conflict resolution. These organisations have been state based and national. We have represented these organisations, the community sector and Government at local and national levels. We have been leaders within these organisations, worked in managerial positions, been responsible for budgets, directors of boards, participated in and led community forums and organised community events.