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Quick Leadership tips


How do you get the most out of coaching?

  • Be clear about what you want to focus on, or change.
  • Ensure it’s an environment for learning, exploration and development.
  • Focus on improving performance, not fixing a problem.
  • Establish trust and be honest.
  • Develop a clear sense of purpose.
  • Be realistic. Coaching is very individual and not everyone ‘connects’. Find the right coach for you.

Road maps

Developing a Business Plan shouldn’t be overwhelming, especially when your business idea is exciting, innovative and new. The lack of a road map can derail you before you’ve even started. So plan and keep it simple.

You need the What; Who; Where; How; How Much and When. Set your vision, purpose and values. Set clear goals/key result areas. Know what results you want. Set measures and timeframes. Allocate personnel. Do some market analysis. Know your clients/customers and be clear about your point of difference and value proposition. Review annaully.

Setting Expectations

Set clear expectations with your teams about performance and behaviour by utilising:
Performance: SMART Goals, Performance Management & Regular Feedback
Behaviours: Induction, Code of Conduct/Other Policies & Values


Rules for effective change:
It must be realistic, achievable and measurable and involve planning, implementation, consultation with, and involvement of, all people affected by it. It is as important to create Change Space, as it is Change Leaders.


Set strategic plans that are easily translatable into an operational plan. Most strategic plans address high level initiatives and overarching goals, but don’t get translated into day-to-day projects and tasks. Don’t forget if you’re an Incorporated Association to refer to your objects in your Constitution – do your new strategic directions align with the objects of your Association?

From Technical to Tactical, Expert to Exec

Technical experts are often promoted because they have excellent knowledge and skills in their area of expertise. This could be counselling, support work, nursing, HR or finance.

Problems can happen when people are promoted based on these technical skills, not on their management or strategic skills, and no training is provided, nor induction to a new role.

If this is you, you now have to focus on the skills and successes of your team and the organisation as a whole, and deliver on strategic goals. Some tips to assist with this:

  • Stay away from technical work
  • Find a mentor
  • Find out what your manager and your team expects from you
  • Learn one skill at a time

If this is an employee, you need to ensure they:

  • Receive induction into their new role
  • Have expectations clearly explained
  • Are provided with professional development through training and mentoring

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